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A Notary Public is a person who is permitted to sign various official documents to certify their legitimacy and to evidence that they were signed by a specific individual. In Scotland, only practicing Solicitors can act as Notaries Public, but not all solicitors are also Notaries Public.

The more common functions of a Notary Public in Scotland are as follows:

  • Providing certified copies of official documents
  • Taking Oaths and Countersigning and validating, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations and Affirmations.
  • Taking Oaths and Countersigning Affidavits for undefended Divorce actions.
  • Executing or certification of documents for foreign jurisdictions, Powers of Attorney for use abroad often require to be executed before a Notary and sealed with the Notaries Seal to constitute their validity.
  • Signing documents for a blind or illiterate person. This Statutory procedure under the Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995 is usually known as Notarial Execution.
  • Preparing “ Sponsorship letters “ for visitors coming to the United Kingdom from abroad.
  • Apostille documents. This is often necessary when a document needs to be sent overseas (usually outwith the Commonwealth). The Notary Public will countersign these document before they are sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the application of the Apostille together with payment of the relevant fee.

In some circumstances the Notary Public may require to Swear a religious Oath. If you do not wish to do this because of your religion or belief structure you may ask to solemnly and sincerely affirm instead.

Notary Public Stamp & Seal

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